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About Us

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For past two decades, Tamil people from Tamilnadu, India and other parts of the globe are visiting South Korea for various purposes. Engineering jobs and higher education are two important professions where most of the Tamil people are engaged in. By virtue Tamil papulation in Korea are mobile unlike the Tamil Diaspora in America, Europe, Africa (mainly South Africa), Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. Then colonial power British planted Tamils, the people known for hard work, dedication and loyalty, in various parts of the globe. The ethnic problems prevailing in Sri Lanka uprooted the ethnic Tamils from north-eastern parts of the country to Europe and America. From the last decade many attempts have been taken to organize the Tamil community living Korea as in various forms such as personal contacts, email groups and social media. Through these attempts Tamils in Korea are helping each other, contributed social cause in Tamilnadu and organized protest in solidarity with the demands of Tamils on other parts of the world. In order to channelize these activities Korea Tamil Forum was established. KTF is using its website, and social media as main communication platforms.

KTF wishes to actively engage in organizing informative gatherings and information sharing. To facilitate the children learning of Tamil, our members are preparing easily understandable study materials. KTF is also working to increase the useful online Tamil contents. KTF always set to have good connection with local people.

Vision Statement

Korea Tamil Forum (KTF) wishes to organize the Tamil people living in Korea as in constructive manner. The vital information that helps our living in Korea will be placed and shared this website and our social media pages. KTF always upholds the mission of organizing the gatherings that can convey useful information, enhance people to people connectivity, and reflect our culture and traditions to Korean people. KTF would like to serve as equal opportunity platform for all Tamil people here irrespective of their professional status and nationality. We encourage Women in our initiatives.