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Beautiful Korean Fall Foliage start on 27 September 2017

Seoul, South Korea, 18 September 2017. According to news report published in Kweather website run by Korea Weather Association (KWA), the beautiful Korean Fall foliage start fist at Seoraksan Mountain on 27 September 2017. The start of autumn season and Fall foliage reportedly delayed due to global warming.

In this season, the color of the green leaves in the tress gradually turned to yellow, golden, red and brown. Then finally fall down completely to note the start of winter season.

People here love to witness and enjoy this natural changes. It is important to mention that in Korea one can witness all four seasons (Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer).

To serve the expats in Korea, the Facebook page of of Grumpy Aliens Korea summarized the news has translated the weather map from Korean to English.

The starting date of fall foliage at various national parks in Korea is as follows,

– Seoraksan National Park : September 27 🍂
– Odaesan National Park : October 1 🍂
– Jirisan National Park : October 11 🍂
– Chiaksan National Park : October 7 🍂
– Woraksan National Park : October 13 🍂
– Bukhansan National Park : October 15 🍂
– Palgongsan Natural Park : October 18 🍂
– Hallasan National Park : October 17 🍂
– Gyeryongsan National Park : October 19 🍂
– Naejangsan National Park : October 20 🍂
– Mudeungsan National Park : October 23 🍂

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