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Uncontrolled riots over water sharing destroys Bangalore’s status as IT and Business hub?..

India is a largest democratic country in the world with the pride of “unity in diversity”. But the political games played over interstate issues, mainly water sharing often makes the situation worst.

As per United Nations convention, water should be properly shared between sovereign states (countries). The river Nile is shared by Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Burundi.

India and Pakistan are sharing water of many rivers including the Beas, Ravi, Sutlej (eastern rivers) and Indus, Chenab and Jhelum (western rivers).

But sharing of river water in southern states of India is always been a matter of controversy, riots and atrocities. The deep southern edge of India, Tamilnadu (TN) is being the victim of the issue. The neighboring states have been reluctant to share the water and not obeying order of top court of the country, the Supreme Court.


Photo: A bus burned by mobs yesterday in Bangalore, India’s IT hub.

Yesterday as Supreme Court reiterated its earlier order of releasing water to TN, Bangalore burns the IT hub and capital of neighboring state Karnataka. The violent mobs orchestrating the riots in Bangalore against the people from TN and their properties, around 100 vehicles from TN were burned. The state government could not control the situation while BJP led central government being accused of silent for political gains.

Until now, the state government of TN is keeping the situation under control and ordered the police to provide tight security for individuals, business and properties belonging to people from Karnataka.

These riots undermine and destroy the status of “Bangalore as IT and business hub”, business circles worried. As peace and stability is important for running a successful business, current riots will urge international business community to think multiple times before investing in Bangalore.

Hope the situation will be controlled soon.

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